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Political Do-Not-Call List Latest

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

(ABC News (WCPO) Ohio)

Even if you enjoy poltics --and are up to date on all the latest Obama-McCain polls-- you probably don't enjoy political phone calls. And this year those dinnertime calls are becoming more common than ever.

It's not just one party: the Republicans do it....the Democrats do it. They contact us every election season, asking us to vote for or donate to their candidate.

One voter I spoke with says"its very annoying, very annoying." Other voters told me the only way of stopping those prerecorded phone calls, or "robo calls," is an answering machine or Caller ID.

A Possible Solution

But a Washington DC man decided enough is enough... and has launched a "Political Do Not Call List." Shaun Dakin tells me the problem is campaigns are exempt from the regular "Do Not Call" list.

His website -- Stop Political Calls. org -- asks politicians to voluntary stop calling members. (Click link above)

Since late 2007 he says, 50,000 people have signed up....and one major robo calling operation has agreed to honor it.

Dakin says "give the American people the right to stop people from calling them at home, if that is what they want them to do."

Many campaigns, however, still won't honor this voluntary list. So if they call ask them to remove your name from their list.

And make sure your local elections officials dont have your home phone number. That way you stop some of the calls, and dont waste your money.

I'm John Matarese.



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