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StopPoliticalCalls.org Robo call Hall of Fame (or Shame)

Welcome to our Robo Call Hall Of Fame (or Shame). 

NOTE:  As of 8/4/2008 Several of the the robo call links below have been removed by their original owners or password protected.   This is a shame, but then robo calls can be shameful.   These robo callers know who they are.  If you are interested in listening to them, please contact the owner of the site where the link goes directly.  

In this section we'll showcase robo calls for all levels of races, from Presidential races to down down down ballot races as well.

This election cycle has been particularly interesting with the PEW center reporting that 81% of Iowa voters received robo calls in November, 2007.  

The bottom line?   Robo calls are getting cheaper and cheaper and more and more American voters are receiving unwanted robo calls at home that invade their privacy.

Robo calls are this election cycle's spam.

We need your help!

If you have recorded robo calls, please feel free to upload them to the internet and then email StopPoliticalCalls.org with the following subject:  "Robo call audio link".

We will then include them in our hall of fame.


Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder

Presidential - McCain

There are very few recorded examples of McCain robo calls this cycle to date.

Ken Blackwell for McCain in Ohio (2.2008) - A pretty basic robocall by former Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell - Click here to listen to the audio

McCain's Anti-Mitt Phone Messages (1.2008) - FL - Click here for a link to the audio

Presidential - Hillary

These are calls that were either made by the Hillary campaign or by external organizations against Hillary.

Jack Nicholson Robo call for Hillary - Click here to listen to the audio

Hillary Campaign Robo calls in PA – Clinton Calls Attack Obama’s Energy Record (ABC News) - Click here to listen to the audio

Robert Morrow Anti Hillary Robo calls in SC.  Robert Morrow is a citizen that spent his own funds to send anti Hillary robo calls into South Carolina -- Click here to listen to the audio

Presidential - Obama

These are calls that were made by or on behalf of the Obama for President campaign to date.  There is also the famous Barrack Hussein Obama call from the Nevada caucuses.

Barrack Hussein Obama – NV call.   This call received a moderate amount of press during the caucus with no one taking ownership or responsibility  - Click here to listen to the audio

Gayle King Robo call for Obama (NC)
- Click here to listen to the audio

Obama Campaign Robo calls (PA) – Sportsmen for Obama (ABC News) - Click here to listen to the audio

JZ Robo call for Obama in Ohio - Click here to listen to the audio

Pro Obama Ohio Robo calls (3 different ones) - Click here to listen to the audio

Obama supporter Robo call in Ohio - Ohio Treasurer of State Rich Cordray - Click here to listen to the audio

Scarlet Johansson Obama Robo Call in CA - Click here to listen to the audio

Other Robo calls and related material

In this section we showcase robo calls and related audio that were not specifically related to the Presidential candidates but are noteworthy.

Minnesota Family Council talking to kids about sex without their parents' permission.   The MN Family Council is up in arms about sex education in MN.  Unfortunately they sent out a robo call that used words like "anal and oral" sex.   This puts a whole new light on interrupting dinner - Click here to listen to the audio.

Robocall that went out at 3AM in Ohio by a local union
.  This was a case of human error and programming that was not done correctly - Click here to listen to the audio

SEIU - FixSeniorCare.org - Robocall in KY - Click here to listen to the audio

Lamont Williams – Women’s Voices Women Vote Robo Call in NC.  This call was the subject of a small uproar, mostly amongst North Carolina Obama supporters, alleging voter suppression by a non-profit voter registration organization that happened to have management and board members associated with the Clintons in the past.  WVWV does some amazing voter registration work and just happened to be making robo calls a week ahead of a very heated Presidential primary campaign.  - Click here to listen to the audio

Eva Clayton urges voters to make Beverly Perdue the first woman governor of North Carolina - Click here to listen to the audio

Ohio voter's funny YouTube video asking Candidates to stop robo calling him at home - Click here to listen to the audio

Push Polls

While push polls are not technically robo calls, they are a form of voter harassment and an invasion of privacy.

Push polls are sometimes automated and sometimes done by professional telemarketers.  Push polls are called "polls" because the calls seem like official political polls (done by news outlets) but are really nothing more than political campaign spinning and messaging.

The most nefarious push poll was done in the 2000 GOP primary by forces associated with G W Bush against John McCain.  Voters received a poll in which voters were told that McCain had fathered an illegitimate black child.

This from Wikipedia:

Voters in South Carolina reportedly were asked "Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?" The poll's allegation had no substance, but was heard by thousands of primary voters.[3] McCain and his wife had in fact adopted a Bangladeshi girl. Political consultant Lee Atwater was also well known for using push-polling among his aggressive campaign tactics.

Push Poll by Huckabee supporter against Fred Thompson in SC - Click here to listen to the audio

Push Poll - unknown - Click here to listen to the audio
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