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Report Unwanted Political Calls

Did you get a call from a candidate during dinner?  Let us know!

NOTE:  Some states have specific robo call laws.  If you live in these states, please use these forms.

  • If you live in CA, use this form.
  • If you live in MN, use this form.
  • If you live in SC, use this form.

Join the National Political Do Not Contact Registry a non-partisan grass-roots movement to take control back by asking our elected representatives to stop calling us at home.

Register your phone number now!

Report a Political Phone Call you received

If you have received an unwanted political phone call, simply use our Form to hold our elected officials accountable by reporting unwanted political calls.

I am giving serious consideration to purposely not vote or vote against anyone who is rude enough to disrupt my home privacy.....PARTICULARLY THOSE PRE-RECORDED MESSAGES THAT LEAVE NO NUMBER FOR RESPONSE.

Privacy Statement

We will not sell or distribute your personal information without your permission.  Period.   Read more.



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