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Political Robocalls are exempt from the Federal Do Not Call Registry.   In fact, all political calls are exempt.

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Now, for the first time you can register your phone number with the non-profit non-partisan National Political Do Not Contact Registry (NPDNC) so we can add you to the Political Do Not Call list.   Learn more.




What We Will Do For You:

As a Non-Profit Voter Advocacy Organization we will:

  1. Securely collect your contact information.
  2. Send your contact information to ALL interested political parties, candidates, political action committees, and any other organization that makes political robo calls and ensure that they are told that you no longer want robo calls from them.

As seen on ABC News, CNN, USA Today, the LA Times, the New York Daily News and on NPR , The National Political Do Not Contact Registry is fighting for you, the American voter.

What is the NPDNC Registry and what do we do for you?

  • Who:  We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization located in Washington, DC.   We receive no funding from outside organizations.   Funding comes directly from contributions of individual voters.  That means you can be assured that we are independent and free from any political influence.
  • Advocacy: We advocate for you, the voter.  We make sure that politicians understand that Political Automated Robocalls simply don't work.  We ask that politicians stop calling you and all voters.   Our core belief is that the market will work, eventually.   That is, politicians will realize that it is no longer in their self interest to robocall you, the voter.  They have every incentive to stay in office.   Calling you 15 times a day will not earn them your vote.
  • Action: We distribute our National Political Do Not Contact Registry database to all interested politicians, political action committees, advocacy organizations and many other exempt groups and ask that they not call those voters that have registered.
  • Education: We work with candidates and advocacy groups to educate them on the effectiveness (lack of) of political robo calls and encourage them to use alternate channels to communicate with voters.  Here is a link to data about this issue.
  • Research We work with all interested groups (media, non-profits, others) to provide data, research and education on how robo calls impact voter's lives.
  • Seminars:  We run Voter Privacy Seminars in which we work with privacy advocates around the nation to educate the public about the impact of commercial and government entities on the privacy of you, the voter.
  • Legislation:  From time to time we assist legislators in their desire to implement new laws around this issue.   For example, In 2008 we worked with Sen. Feinstein to help introduce the Robocall Privacy Act.  At the state level we work with State's Attorney General to enforce existing robocall regulations (for example:  IN, MN and NC)

Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder

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Join the National Political Do Not Contact Registry a non-partisan grass-roots movement to take control back by asking our elected representatives to stop calling us at home.

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Why Must I Register To Remove My Number From Political Phone Lists?

It is critical that we prevent fraud.   Since we are a non-profit and the registry does not have the force of law, it is critical that our database be secure, accurate and free from manipulation.   To prevent fraud and abuse we require voters to validate that they are who they say they are by registering and activating your account.   In addition, by registering and becoming a member you can return at anytime to update your contact information if you move.

Report a Political Phone Call you received

If you have received an unwanted political phone call, simply use our Form to hold our elected officials accountable by reporting unwanted political calls.

I am giving serious consideration to purposely not vote or vote against anyone who is rude enough to disrupt my home privacy.....PARTICULARLY THOSE PRE-RECORDED MESSAGES THAT LEAVE NO NUMBER FOR RESPONSE.

Privacy Statement

We will not sell or distribute your personal information without your permission.  Period.   Read more.

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