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CA Robo Call Complaint Form

This form is for California Residents Only.

NOTE:  Please make sure that you register your phone number at our registry.  Every member who joins makes sure that we can win this fight.

NOTE 2:  While the Public Utilities Commission is responsible for enforcing the code, consumers / voters are requested to first complain to their telephone provider, before going to the PUC.  Click here to read the PUC FAQ document to learn more (PDF document).

Thanks for helping us fight back against illegal robo calls in California.  

As we stated in our recent press release, the National Political Do Not Contact Registry is working for you, the voter, and will be bringing an official complaint to the California Public Utilities Commission to force them to enforce the existing code -
  • California Public Utilities Code Sections 2871-2876

The California Public Utilities Code specifically makes robo calls that are not preceded by a live human operator illegal.

We need your help, however, to ensure that the PUC takes this seriously.  The more complaints that we receive the easier it will be to get the attention of the PUC and politicians.

If you are interested in reading more, please check out these links:
  • Click here to read a San Diego Tribune article about this issue.  Click here to read about the further coverage that this issue has received in the press.
  • Click here to read the actual CPUC code.
  • Click here to read the blog entry on this issue.

Shaun Dakin
CEO and Founder
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What telephone number originated the call?  (If you have caller ID, you could find the number)
What was the date and time of the call, if known?
What was the content of the call, if known?
Do you know who paid for the call or who sponsored the call, if known?  (usually at the end of the call)
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